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We offer a unique, 360-Degree approach to your fitness business success. We pair nationally-known fitness training with proven business growth strategies to form a fitness acceleration program unlike any in the country. We do this at a price point which fitness businesses of any size can deal with and upsell to grow their membership. Add to that proven methods to reactivate past members and have them bring their friends and we come close to paying for ourselves each month.

We do all of this yet work to make your facility feel like home to its members with a supportive community and real reasons to take part every day. If this sounds like a solution you have been looking for, take 20 minutes to get to know us below with no obligation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Multiple 8-Week Fitness Challenges Complete with Nutritional Support
  • Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Membership, and Accelerate Your Business Growth
  • Partnership with your Trainers and Staff to Support Efficient Operation
  • Solutions to Keep Members Longer through Community Support and Personal Attention

Are you ready to accelerate your business to compete with and beat your larger competition? If so then let's get started with a 20-minute Discovery Session to see if we're a good fit for your plans.

Welcome to Your New Fitness Family

Here's How We Make a Difference For Your Fitness Business

8-Week Challenges

Bring Members

We offer a series of 8-week challenges in key fitness areas for your members including exercises, video tutorials, training Q&A's, and Nutrition Plans for healthy eating all along plus ways to promote each upcoming challenge and access to online versions of each workout if someone misses a session.

Proven Membership Growth Strategies

We bring more notice to your business in leading, creative ways, increase your search position, leverage reviews and referrals, reactivate old members, and put tools in place to build and enhance the community that is your facility.

Team and Community Enhancement

We work with your team to enhance the training staff you have, elevate potential rock star trainers and guides among your membership, and maximize ways to help your facility feel like home to all of your membership.

Handshake Guarantee:

We Won't Compete Against You By Working with ANY Fitness Facility Within 20 Miles of Your Location

The Challenges

Nationally Recognized 8-Week Challenges

Nationally recognized and ISSA-Certified Nutritionist, Trainer and Coach Dawson Ladd will introduce your facility to 8 Unique Fitness Challenges to accomplish your goals naturally without steroids or unnatural enhancements. Each challenge features videos for each exercise, a comprehensive diet plan and workout schedule to maximize your members' results. Dawson helps your gym promote each challenge, works with your trainers and staff, and provides Q&A for members and all the support you need to bring in members and compel them to stay because they met or exceeded their fitness goals. Participants can be truly challenged to reach their best selves in Weight Loss, Glutes, Shredding & Toning for Females, Cardio & Abs, Super Shredding and Bulking Naturally. We offer the same programs as the big chains with more persnal attention from the creator and solutions tailored to your business.

The Results

Proven Business Growth Results Bring Members

Partner John Nelson brings 15 years of small business ownership experience to work with your management team to bring it with proven strategies to grow your business, increase and keep your memberships, and empower you to dominate over gyms twice your size with half your heart. A strong business reputation, referrals that really work, tried and true membership reactivation strategies, better communication for your customers, and leading-edge online services those other guys don't have but need...all for your facility, your team, and most importantly your members to enjoy.

People cycling in spin class

The Reason

Be The Supportive Community Your Members Call Their Home

We work with your team of trainers and managers to create an environment for your membership that they can't get anywhere else but desperately seek...a place to call home. People who exercise tell us over and over that they feel like a number in most gyms and no one seems to care that they come and go. While this may work for a few, it's not the reason people join gyms and get into group classes. A few months later those people who work alone tend to leave having not found what they sought in the first place. We work with you to build a community in several ways so your members can't help but want to tell their friends and invite them to join.

Everyone Should Know...

"Dawson brought one of his challenges to my gym and it helped me lose weight and tone up my abs and stomach. But then the rest of the gym seemed to catch on because more people than ever joined and my little gym wasn't so little anymore. The personal attention really made a difference to our group but I guess we'll have to share..."

Gym Member, Florida

Marie D.

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